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Before turning to the discussion about forex trading advisor on news, you should probably understand what this means in reality. Forex Advisor, this software for the terminal MT 4, available on the market, which effectively handles the process of currency trading for the client. He knows when to enter, continue and exit the trade in order to make a profit for you. Most traders choose a Forex robot, because it saves them from having to manually open trades. To work manually in the forex market, you need to learn a lot, trying to keep abreast of all the events and changes that occur in the trading market every day. Forex robot can relieve you of this load by automatically entering the necessary information.

Enthusiasts are constantly working on updating forex advisor, as they need software that is compatible with the ever-changing market. Most forex advisors are designed to trade one currency pair, and this can lead to problems. That is why there is a constant need for updating the software, i.e., optimization, since The forex market is constantly changing. Some traders are known to use an automated trading system to manage their trading ie Forex advisors. Responsibility for the success of automated robots lies on your strategies, as well as on how to manage your finances. Backtesting is needed to understand how well a forex advisor works. If you are new to this system and want to install an automatic forex advisor to help you with daily activities related to your trading, you need to exercise due caution and test the work of the forex advisor on a demo account. It would be advisable to make a choice in favor of forex advisors who require payment, and not download free forex advisors, since free models are likely to drain your deposit in a few days. Paid forex advisors are likely to be more authentic and help you make a profit.

The advisor we used to trade on Timenews v 1.02 news, the best advisor for news trading. TimeNews v1.02: the best adviser for trading on the news, which opens orders a few seconds before the release of forex news.

Imagine that you have gotten some sort of news advisor or script, of which there are a great many on the network, but they usually place orders 5 or a couple of minutes before the news, but before the news comes out at the last minute, the price can jump to 50 80p., And hook your pending order, and during the news release, go back and go in the wrong direction. There are two options here or you will wait a long time and look at the monitor when the price returns and you will finally exit the drawdown, or if the deposit small will remain without deposit. Our news advisor will help you avoid this headache and loss of the depot, because he opens orders for two three seconds. before the news.

Everyone is telling you that during the news release it is better not to trade, if it is possible to close positions 10 minutes before the release. Do not believe the most profitable Forex trading strategy is during the news release, but you can’t manually open an order, you just won’t be given such slippings and wrong prices that you don’t have time to jump even on the last car, then at the very top when the train was already gone and the price movement was over, plus the spread.

With the adviser TimeNews v1.02 you can avoid all this, and be in profit. You can see for yourself by watching the video of the advisor. It has the accuracy of opening orders up to a second depending on how you set the opening time in the settings of the adviser. Suppose the release of news on CBPUSD tomorrow at 11.30, today you specify 11.29.58 seconds in the settings. and the adviser will do everything for you tomorrow. You can set in the settings the advisor response time for 24 hours. before the news and go about their business, the adviser at the specified time will open the pending orders and when one of the orders triggers, the second will delete, will accompany the position and close it in three parts how many points do you adjust yourself in the advisor settings, takes the position to breakeven and accompanies the remaining part of the trailing stop lot, in general, squeezes the price out of the news movement to the maximum. It comes with features that ensure that all expectations are met. We can download an advisor for free. On our website you can choose brokers in the section for trading on news. As far as possible, the results of the adviser's work on the news will be published in the section
Trading results

To get an adviser for free, and also trade on the news.

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