Results of the trading

Here you can see the latest results of the advisor timenews v1.02. Please note that your results may differ from the given results below, since the news trading is influenced not only by the factor of the software operation, but also by the broker's actions, and most importantly, by the actions of the trader himself.

USDCAD 07.12.2018

Канада Canada E. Change.

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USDCAD 05.12.2018

Канада Canada Interest Rate Decision.

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USDCAD 23 11 2018

Канада Canada Core Retail Sales.

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GBPUSD 15 11 18

UK United Kingdom Retail Sales

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USDCAD 24.10.2018

Канада Canada Interest Rate Decision.

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USDJPY,CAD 04.01.19

Канада US Nonfarm Payrolls (USA)




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