Competent trade on the news.

Brokers, traders trading on the news are unprofitable, and after a while they begin to put a spoke in the wheels. Because the most profitable trade this is trading on the news. Here are some tips:

  • You need to trade in a lot no more than 1.0 in order not to get into the black list to the broker.
  • You need to trade in a small lot, but with several brokers.
  • You can start with one and then expand.
  • Dilute orders, at least sometimes by manual trading.
  • Or for this, we will provide you with another advisor at your request.

How to get an advisor for free?

Attention !!! Advisor will be sent to you with reference to the account that you have registered with this site.

To get an adviser for free for MT4, and also trade on news, you need:

  • Sign up from any broker we tested here
  • Tell us the name of the broker and the trading account number, via the contact form or by email.
  • You will be sent to the email archive with the advisor, the PDF + Video settings, the "Set" file with the best settings and the list of tested news for trading.
  • Install the adviser in the terminal according to the instructions you get with the advisor + video.
  • Set the time of the news release in the advisor’s settings, according to your terminal, the calendar of trading signals is published on the site.

How to set up an advisor?

A set file with optimal settings will be sent to you in the archive along with the advisor. You just need it once, install it and that's it. Or you can change the optimal settings for you.

If I do not understand everything?

You can always contact via the contact form or email. You will not be alone.

Where to watch news out? When to trade?

On our website, in the "Trading Signals" section. Not all the news we will trade, but only tested. News indicators have been tested for 4 years.

Why adviser rarely works?

It depends on many factors.

  • Weak published news.
  • Set a large number of points from the current price in the "shift" setting.
  • In the optimal settings of the "set" file in the "shift" setting, the default is 12 points, below is impractical.
  • The time in the settings of the "TimeSekDelete" Expert Advisor is set to less than 40 seconds.

    But agree, it is better to trade 7-10 times a month and get a monthly profit, and be free. Than for days to sit at the monitor and hope that he is about to leave the drawdown.

Why didn't the advisor work?

Time advisor timer does not coincide with the time of the terminal. Install just the advisor and see what time the terminal.

Will I be able to trade advisor on the news?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to do anything, just set the time in the settings
according to the time of your terminal and the adviser will do everything for you.

Instructions and videos will be sent to you in an email archive with an advisor.

And if you have any questions, we are always in touch and will be happy to help you.

We will take you by the hand and hold to the result.



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