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Hello dear visitors! If you are reading this article about earnings on forex, the best adviser for trading on news, then you must have heard about Forex. Currently, this is the youngest market FOREIGN EXCHANGE; However, its popularity goes far beyond all known currency markets. What is the secret of such an attraction?

The advantages are obvious: it is liquid and is available 24 hours 5 days a week. Also, traders emphasize important aspects such as low transaction price, no restrictions, margin trading, a large number of trading tools and high dynamics. Most new traders starting to work in forex think only about their income.

Due to lack of experience, they do not know how to work properly, and they don’t want to spend a lot of time and money. It is necessary to have initial capital to make money on Forex. Moreover, a trader must have self-control. However, psychological stability will not allow people to succeed if they do not have sufficient knowledge and their own strategy. First of all, traders must learn how to predict the trend of CURRENCY PAIR. Different methods of analysis are applied: fundamental and technical analysis, Elliott wave principle, analysis of candles and some others. Using one of these methods, traders can predict the trend of a currency pair. Trading our advisor is the most profitable forex strategy i. trading on news, forecasts can not be done, and generally you can trade on forex without knowledge. The best news advisor timenews v1.02 will do everything for you, which you can get for free. As the adviser trades on the news, you can see for yourself by watching the video, and as far as possible, more videos will be posted on the site.

If a person has decided to become a professional trader and wants to earn income regularly, it is necessary to understand when it is better to start and stop trading. Traders should not only make a correct forecast of a currency pair, but also should not lose a good moment for short and long positions. It is important to observe monetary management and to know how to protect traders from risks and losses, as well as to eliminate the human factor. Summing up, we can say that the answer to the question of why Forex is so popular is obvious. In Forex, all people have equal conditions and chances for success. However, only traders who focus on self-development and new experience achieve the highest rewards, since Forex is subject to the laws of a market economy. You can get money on the FOREIGN EXCHANGE market only by getting new knowledge and applying them on real trading. Following these rules, traders can not only increase their incomes, but also create their own strategy that will bring a stable income. In order to gain confident knowledge and practice, it will take more than one year to drain deposits, and to receive I already want full profit today, so we suggest you trade forex without knowledge. Following our recommendations, trade the most profitable news trading and the best adviser for trading news, forex market. All recommended news indicators are traded by Timenews advisor v1.02 and were tested for 4 years. Download Advisor timenews v1.02 for free: detailed here

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